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Marketplace OEP Deadline

The best way to ensure your clients have the 2022 plan that works best for them, with the savings they qualify for

Marketplace OEP Deadline

AEP Ends December 7th, 2021!

Medicare Annual Enrollment Submission Reminder!

AEP Ends December 7th, 2021

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Submission Reminder

Click to see the most up-to-date fax numbers for submissions.

Submission Fax Number Reminder

First-Half 2021 Life Insurance Applications Up Sharply, MIB Reports

Life insurance application activity ended the second quarter up 7.3% for the year, the MIB Life Index reported...

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Use Health Benefits To Attract And Retain Talent Post-Pandemic

If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought employer – and employee – priorities into sharp focus...

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IRS Updates HSA Contribution Limits for 2022

The IRS has published a set of numbers that will shape how some types of personal health accounts work in 2022...

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Commission Statement Delivery

Effective May 1st, PIPAC will be sending your commissions statements via secure email. Those secure emails will be sent through our secure..

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2021 Worksite Life Contest

PIPAC is offering vacations to the 2 agents that sell the most worksite life this year! One in Florida and one in Colorado! From...

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The Myths That Keep People From Buying Life Insurance

Despite record-high consumer intent in purchasing life insurance, new research finds too many Americans mistakenly feel life insurance is...

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Barometer Shows Greater Interest In Buying Life Insurance

One in three consumers surveyed said COVID-19 prompted them to consider buying life insurance in the next 12 months.

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NAHU Webinar: 5 Steps to Avoid an ACA Penalty

The tumultuous events of the past 12 months have transformed the workplace forever. When it comes to federal Affordable Care Act (ACA)...

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Employer-Sponsored Health Plans See Strong Member Satisfaction

Despite the coronavirus pandemic’s blow to employer-sponsored health plans, members appreciated their health plans' care coordination and...

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COVID-19 Travel Insurance Becoming a Vacation Staple

COVID-19 insurance policies are increasingly joining passports and sunscreen as vacation staples, creating opportunities for insurers as...

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A life events checklist for your next client meeting

Many changes in life are unpredictable. From the death of a loved one to a divorce, your clients will face plenty of unexpected...

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2021 Marketplace Special Enrollment Period Report

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) report that more than 206,000 Americans signed up for health insurance plans during...

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2021 Changes to Medicare Coverage: A Medicare Customer Question

What changes have been made to Medicare for 2021 and how will they affect my coverage?

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47% of Uninsured Americans Did Not Explore ACA, Medicaid Options

Many uninsured Americans did not consider Medicaid or plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplace, assuming that they were ineligible or...

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More Americans choosing Medicare Advantage plans amid pandemic

A 9% year-over-year increase was observed in the number of U.S. Medicare beneficiaries who enrolled in a Medicare Advantage health plan...

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Five Key Takeaways From Healthcare In 2020

In 2020, a once-in-a-century pandemic turned the healthcare industry upside down. Stakeholders from every industry and profession...

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Healthcare.gov expected to host an additional open enrollment period beginning February 15

Today, the White House announced the signing of a new Executive Order titled "Strengthening Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act...

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4 key trends for payers and providers in 2021

The pandemic will have lingering effects on the healthcare industry for some time...

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4 Positive Trends That Continue to Define Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans have diverse member populations, low member spending, high quality of care, and high enrollment growth.

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Be Somebody

With PIPAC you are more than a number. Your business is your business, your success is our success. PIPAC wants to partner with agents...

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Uninsured Americans Could Be Facing Nearly $75,000 in Medical Bills If Hospitalized for Coronavirus

Thanks to lawmakers, coronavirus tests are now free for all Americans. But if you do test positive for COVID-19 and require treatment, the..

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Important Iowa Annuity Update

Iowa recently adopted the Annuity Suitability Best Interest Requirements from the NAIC's revised Suitability in Annuity Transactions...

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How insurance professionals can advance their careers in the ‘new normal’

With remote work becoming the norm due to the coronavirus pandemic, some insurance industry professionals might be left wondering how...

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Slow Hospital Visit Recovery Suggests Telehealth Here to Stay

Hospital visit recovery across key metrics is still down compared to pre-pandemic levels, and new consumer research suggests volumes...

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PIPAC.com Updates Incoming!

PIPAC.com is getting a bit of a face-lift! Now that health and medicare pages are on the new site, we will be making updates to PIPAC.com.

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Get Life Insurance Quotes on the Go

This free Life Insurance quoting app delivers quote comparisons for agents on the go.

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Cincinnati Life Interest Rate Update

Cincinnati Life's Interest rates are changing as of April 1st.

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Add GeoBlue Travel Insurance to Your Portfolio!

GeoBlue is allowing agents to be appointed right now. Commissions are available.

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2020 Medicare A & B Summary and Part B & D Indexed Premiums

CMS has just released the 2020 Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles.

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2020 Health Savings (HSA) Contribution Limits

You can only contribute to an HSA if you have an HSA eligible High Deductible Health Plan.

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Aetna Prescription Drug Plans Rolling Up Under WellCare for 2020

All Aetna PDP plans will be rolling up under WellCare for 2020 and have simply been rebranded to WellCare plans.

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2020 Individual ACA Open Enrollment Reminders and Poverty Guidelines

Open Enrollment for Individual ACA plans runs 11-1-19 through 12-15-19.

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Important Rate Updates from Cincinnati Life

Cincinnati’s Term Life is Now Even More Competitive!

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URGENT! Plan Year 2020 FFM Registration and Training Required

Open enrollment is just around the corner.

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UPDATE: New Wellmark South Dakota MedicareBlue Supplement Application Now Available

Thenew application should be used for 2020 effective dates and are theonly way to enroll in 2020 coverage until BlueSource is live.

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UPDATE: Wellmark Notice – Discontinued 2019 Small Group Plans!

A notice has been sent out to each group & each member individually informing them that their plan is being discontinued effective 1/1/2020.

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2020 Farm Bureau Health Plan Certification Webinars

The current certification is valid through Oct. 2019. Complete a webinar by 10/31/19 for your certification to be valid through 2020.

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UPDATE: New Wellmark of Iowa 2020 Medicare Supplement Application Now Available

Your client’s effective date will determine which application needs to be used.

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UPDATE: 2020 Wellmark of Iowa Medicare Supplement Rate Increase Announced

The majority of Wellmark’s Medicare supplement members in Iowa will see either a base-rate premium increase or no increase...

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UPDATE: 2020 Wellmark of South Dakota Medicare Supplement Rate Increase Announced

The majority of Wellmark’s Medicare supplement members in South Dakota will see either a low base-rate premium increase or no increase...

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Introducing EZPost

EZPost is a new service created by PIPAC!

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Life Insurance Awareness Month Giveaway!

In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month, PIPAC will be running a Cincinnati Life submission contest.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Cincinnati Life Insurance and Annuity Interest Rate Changes, Effective 9/15

The Single Premium Deferred Annuity and the Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity will both be affected by these changes.

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Aetna Funding Advantage! A self funded option for up to 50 eligible employees

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2020 SilverScript PDP Certification is Now Live!

To access the training, go to www.pipac.com/SilverScript20 to complete the online training. This training is free.

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BREAKING: House lawmakers unite to kill Cadillac Tax

House lawmakers came together Wednesday to repeal the provision that levies a tax on high-cost health insurance plans by a vote of 419 to 6.

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2020 WellCare Certification is NOW LIVE!

In order to sell the WellCare Prescription Drug Plans as well as to continue to receive renewal commissions, you are required to take the We

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Graded Benefit Whole Life Changes

Graded Benefits Whole Life applications will not be accepted after March 28, 2019

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Increase your productivity with Drop Ticket.

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