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Over the years, the PIPAC Gives Back team has organized donations and volunteering for several causes that are important to us. As a team, we recognize that giving back is about more than what our PIPAC staff members care about which is why we want to know what you, our agents, care about as well.

We would like to help support causes in your community that you care about. If you have an idea of something we can help with by volunteering or donating, please fill out the form and submit your suggestions. Our PIPAC Gives Back committee will review the submissions and make selections each year on what to support.




Agent Lee Paton holds Iowa Donor Network is near and dear to his heart. This donation will help Iowa Donor Network meet its mission of working together to transform lives through organ and tissue donations.   




Agents Alan Gielau, Jay Hall, and Dan Erskine nominate Retrieving Freedom. Their primary focus is training dogs to serve the needs of Veterans and children with Autism. They breed and train chosen dogs that exhibit specific traits necessary to perform tasks to help these individuals, and they believe in matching the dog to the recipient. 



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