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Learn how you can earn more with these unique carrier incentive
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Cash Bonus


Cash Bonuses

Cash is king! Which carriers offer you the best bonuses for products that you are already selling?

Spring Into Success with ACE Med Supp Rewards!

Grow your earnings and  client satisfaction in Q2!

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Blossom this Spring with Aflac’s Med Supp Q2 Incentive!

You can energize your offerings with the security your clients need.

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Spring into Security with Aflac’s Final Expense Incentive

This quarter, let the renewing spirit of spring inspire you to secure not just financial rewards, but peace of mind for the families you serve. From April 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024, Aflac offers you the chance to be more than a provider; be a protector with our Final Expense policies.

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Earn more when bundling DVH with Medicare Supplement plans

Our Medicare Supplement plans are easy to sell with multiple discounts available!

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Join the Elevate Rewards Program

Earn more points than ever with Allstate's points multiplier benefits. You'll earn two points for every dollar of initial monthly premium collected (excluding Short Term Medical and Specified Care). Plus, every calendar year you can qualify for a higher rank and elevate your rewards. Lastly, you will never drop a rank from year to year. 

Think Agent

Think Agent is a new electronic enrollment app that offers an optimized enrollment experience for you and your clients for Medicare Advantage and SilverScript Prescription Drug Plans. You can use the website version on your laptop or computer, or you can download the app version to use Think Agent on any mobile device, including cell phones. For the extra time it takes to facilitate this step, you’ll earn a $70 service fee.

Our bonus just got better for Q2 2024!

On top of the exciting $300 bonus for Underwritten Policies, we’re now adding a $300 bonus for each eligible Medicare Supplement Plan N Open Enrollment Policy. 

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Humana Reach Rewards Program

It is free to you!! This is a great item to get signed up for as you can earn dollars to be put in your Marketing Resource Center. This can be spent on many different items such as a marketing campaigns, promotional items, t-shirts, pillboxes, stress ball, and much more. You can also work your way up to getting AHIP paid (if it’s not already). 

Go big in Q2 with monthly cash bonuses!

Seize your chance to earn without limit with Lumico’s Q2 Med Supp incentive.

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Ready to take your Med Supp rewards
to new heights in 2024?

Now you can! In addition to cash bonuses all year long, we're introducing the
Lumico Loyalty Program—with issued apps counting toward rewards starting
on January 1.

Qualifying applications:
1/1/24 - 12/31/24

Protect more clients and let your business blossom!

Grow in Q2 with ManhattanLife’s unlimited Med Supp incentives.

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Health Assessment in LEAN

With UnitedHealthcare, receive a bonus for health assessment that are completed (along with an MAPD application) in LEAN. That is $75 per application. 

Additional Compensation Program

For agents with groups who currently have a carrier that may be exiting the group health insurance market

New Sales and Conversion Bonus and Packaged Savings!

UnitedHealthcare is offering a bonus to agents who sell new UnitedHealthcare fully insured and level-funded medical plans or who convert existing UnitedHealthcare fully insured medical plans to UnitedHealthcare level-funded medical plans with up
to 50 eligible employees, with effective dates from April 1, 2023, through  September 30, 2023.

Announcing BIG Short-term Care incentives

Start earning by selling three or more qualifying policies. 1. Receive $150 for each qualifying policy. 2. Get an extra $400 on your first policy sold after March 1, 2024.

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Spring into green with Medicare Supplement incentives

Receive $150 for each underwritten application and $15 for each open enrollment, guaranteed issue, or special enrollment period application. 

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Spring into Cash - Hospital Indemnity

For qualifying Hospital Indemnity applications between April 1, 2024, and June 30, 2024. 1. A minimum of 5 qualifying applications must be submitted and approved to qualify for the payout. 2. Receive $100 per policy. 3. Qualifying policies must have at least a $25 monthly or  $300 annual premium. 4. Payments are retroactive back to first application.

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Grow Rewards This Quarter With WoodmenLife® Med Supp!

Med Supp your clients can rely on, with the opportunity to grow your business

Qualifying applications:
April, May, June 2024

Turn Up the Heat with WoodmenLife Med Supp This Summer!

Elevate your achievements this summer with WoodmenLife Medicare Supplement plans. As you support your clients in managing their healthcare costs effectively, you’ll also unlock exceptional rewards that salute your hard work and dedication.

Qualifying applications:
June, July, August 2024

Qualify for upcoming trips

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Wellmark: Promise Award 2024
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Trip Dates: May 1 - 4, 2024

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