Centene/WellCare PDP Certification

Deadline: Prior to 1st Sale or
by 12/31 for renewals

AHIP is required

In order to sell the Centene/WellCare Prescription Drug Plans as well as to continue to receive renewal commissions, you are required to take the Centene/WellCare annual certification, www.pipac.com/centenewellcarecert.

If you are a new agent with Wellcare, you will need to click on First Time Visitor and create a new account.

AHIP is required for the Centene/WellCare certification. Once logged in, you will take the AHIP training and the cost is $125.

If you have already taken the AHIP training, you will be able to transmit your AHIP credit to Centene/WellCare.

There are 2 modules that will need to be completed before you will have access to the Mastery Exam. You must attain a passing score of 85% or better, on the Mastery Exam, and you are only allowed 3 attempts. After each failed attempt there is a lock-out period of 24 hours before the training can be re-accessed and the Mastery Exam can be attempted again.

For Technical and website support for the training site, please call WellCare Plans at 866-822-1339.