UnitedHealthcare Certification

Deadline: Prior to 1st Sale or by
12/07 for renewals


To access the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Certifications, please go to www.pipac.com/UHCCert. Certification is located in the Learning Lab Link under the Knowledge Center tab. AHIP is NOT required for certification with UnitedHealthcare. If you have not taken AHIP you will be required to take two prerequisite courses and assessments in addition to the product certifications. There is no cost for the UnitedHealthcare certifications if you choose to do them instead of AHIP. You are required to pass the assessments at 85% within six (6) attempts.

If you do not pass a prerequisite assessment in six attempts, you will not be able to sell any UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions products for the selling season.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed the AHIP Certification you MUST click on “AHIP” FIRST in order to use AHIP to complete some of your prerequisites for UnitedHealthcare.

*AARP - All agents must complete the full AARP course to meet the AARP portion of the certification requirement.

If you have technical issues or questions on the training site, please contact the Producer Help Desk at 888-381-8581 or phd@uhc.com with questions and/or instructions.